Rainmaker Flowchart Presentation

I’ve worked for years with a serial entrepreneur in my home town, over twenty years of which were creating presentations for Advanced Life Insurance marketing at the MGA level. This master-seller spends countless days fine-tuning the pitch, honing it for simplicity. The value of the planning stage can not be underestimated. I recently became involved […]

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Posted on 22nd November 2014No Comments
Restarting Idle Blogs after Hiatus

When it became time to rework my blogs, They needed some dusting off. For one thing, I had a domain name that was expiring, so I repurposed the content from my first WordPress, which was broken from moving some files. So, I cranked up some tunes and got to work. First, I had to use […]

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Posted on 19th January 2014No Comments
Manually Editing HTML Pages

GAK is a word I made up. It is generally used to describe my process when I am deep into a server thing that requires multiple windows and applications, in this case updating the blog entries on my Connectivity Coach site manually. This blog was created manually using a guestbook script from Matt’s Archive that […]

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Posted on 14th January 2014No Comments
Ripping DVD Video using Mac OS X 10.5.8

The Mac has always been a power-player in the field of graphics and video production. Powerful applications, when combined with a graceful interface, have made it a favorite amongst artists, editors and hobbyists alike. Lifting a clip from a disk, or making a digital copy for ease of use and storage, is a hassle. Standard […]

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Posted on 22nd December 2013No Comments
Mac & HP – Can’t We All Be Friends?

I remember when I bought my iMac years ago, an HP PSC 1510was purchased along with it and I wrestled with the config to make the two hardware pieces see each other and play nice. Since then, the hard drive crashed and now it’s the whole thing all over again. Like most things these days, […]

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Posted on 17th November 20113 Comments
Complete Site Redesign in a Morning

Sometimes, I just have to escape into codeland. It’s my happy place. In this case, it was a redesign (again!) of my own site using a stock install of WordPress. It seems an odd thing for a developer to do, knowing this is my chance to impress you with killer graphics and bleeding-edge coding. Tell […]

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Posted on 3rd August 2011No Comments
D.I.Y. Publishing Made Easy

When I was looking for my son’s Bar Mitzvah invitations online, all I saw was overpriced junk. Nothing was even close, so I dusted off the design tools and got busy. Type on a curve was fun old-school trick. Getting hebrew fonts was a bit of a grind, but there were some good ones out […]

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Posted on 4th April 2011No Comments
I hate to like Windows 7, but…

I have always had to maintain a PC on my mac network to run various business softwares and this has asways been a painful experience. Before getting this (sweet) new laptop, it sure was. Especially near the end there where the blue screen closed every session at some point. A perfect example is the pain from […]

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Posted on 28th February 2011No Comments
Using Technology to Pass Online Tests

The other day I had a chance to make a big chunk of change, but I discovered that my insurance license had expired TWO DAYS previously. Bummer. I went into hyper-renewal mode and powered out all my Continuing Education units in a morning. How was this amazing feat accomplished? My downloading the textbooks and using […]

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Posted on 10th February 2011No Comments
This Photo Gallery is Taking Over My Site

I’ve been pretty psyched with the default template bundled with the latest release of WordPress, not so much for its flexibility but because it’s easy to do what I want, then come back and apply some new trick. I’ve been using other systems too, but I always come back to the plugin universe.  Granted, I don’t […]

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Posted on 27th January 20111 Comment