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I hate to like Windows 7, but…

I have always had to maintain a PC on my mac network to run various business softwares and this has asways been a painful experience. Before getting this (sweet) new laptop, it sure was. Especially near the end there where the blue screen closed every session at some point. A perfect example is the pain from needed activesync to connect WM6 to my gCalendars. Still have to do that, but W7 made it easy (huh?) So then I pumped it up with an online install of the best insurance illustration package I have ever used (pretty strong case for a guy whos first system ran on floppy discs ALONE) and ran through a 47 member census in one standing by calculating target face amounts with blinding speed. OK. Good. But can it do graphics? Installing Adobe Photoshop CS5 (extended) was way too easy. Laughably so. Then, discovery of the fun little snipping tool (that was my idea!) made a previously complex task simple. Nothing was left but to write a rave review, and I thought that day would never come.

This is my first post under W7, about posting with Windows 7

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