Posted on 12th July 201073 Responses
I’m really just testing the new ad banner

You can tell a lot about me from this picture. At first glance, it’s torrent post of Wayne County & The Electric Chairs reprint of their Blatantly Offenzive EP. Not so unusual to those who know me. Downright shocking to those who don’t.  Observant types would see “Upped by deeg” and know that it was my alter-ego (the name is the pronunciation of my initials) was at play. deeg has been around as long as I have been online, which is pretty much when the internet was born. Point two: That is the Google Chrome browser. If you aren’t using it, you are a dinosaur. See the tab for cooliris? That’s one of my latest gak projects. Here’s another and yet another. Another tech wonder is in the download tab. Ask me about running torrent files sometime… You will be sure to see my eyes light up.

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