Posted on 4th July 201020 Responses
I Hated It When Azureus Became Vuze

If a calculation similar to (days using bittorent) x (average size of 700mb) were used to determine my downloads since August 2004, the total would hover around 1.218TB. When sharing traffic at my favorite sites (Demonoid & Kraytracker for instance) is around a 3×1 ratio, that puts uploads around 3.654TB. Pretty cool for a guy who alway thought it better to upload more than download. Most of this traffic routed through Azureus because it was the most elegant and full featured client available. For the last few updates I resisted and reinstalled older versions. Why? Because it became a content server under the name of Vuze and it mucked up that elegance thing. On my PC at least, I got tired of fighting it and started using the updated tool. It looks like it simplifies sharing and posting, so maybe it’s a good thing after all.

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