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Welcome to the Hosting and Design blogsite for SUCATDAVID.COM. We have been a part of the internet design and server implementation community since 1993 and want to share what we have learned over the years with you with regular tech postings related to common hosting issues and personal musings on the state of the internet and our wired lives.

Our implementation plans are easy to understand and even easier to administer. We will discuss your needs personally, set up your webspace, and teach you how to use it! We are motivated to drive traffic to your site. For more information, please see the links above and contact us at (619) 534-1019. We can also be reached by email at info@sucatdavid.com.

Thanks for checking out the site. Hang around, read some posts and leave a comment or two. If you are interested in developing your own webspace or have questions about all things computers, I am sure that my experience will come in handy.

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I'm really just testing the new ad banner

You can tell a lot about me from this picture. At first glance, it's torrent post of Wayne County & The Electric Chairs reprint of their Blatantly Offenzive EP. Not so unusual to those who know me. Downright shocking to those who don't.  Observant types would see "Upped by deeg" and know that it was my alter-ego (the name [...]

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Google Ads and the Lure of Income

My Cancer Treatment Information site actually makes money from advertising. Then again, it was built in 1996 and online ever since with huge traffic and links to it from all over the world. For new sites, there is no traffic so it is impossible to earn ad income from it. In the month of June, I was able to drive traffic to the [...]

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I Hated It When Azureus Became Vuze

If a calculation similar to (days using bittorent) x (average size of 700mb) were used to determine my downloads since August 2004, the total would hover around 1.218TB. When sharing traffic at my favorite sites (Demonoid & Kraytracker for instance) is around a 3x1 ratio, that puts uploads around 3.654TB. Pretty cool for [...]

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Rainmaker Flowchart Presentation

I’ve worked for years with a serial entrepreneur in my home town, over twenty years of which were creating presentations for Advanced Life Insurance marketing at the MGA level. This master-seller spends countless days fine-tuning the pitch, honing it for simplicity. The value of the planning stage can not be underestimated. I recently became involved […]

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Restarting Idle Blogs after Hiatus

When it became time to rework my blogs, They needed some dusting off. For one thing, I had a domain name that was expiring, so I repurposed the content from my first WordPress, which was broken from moving some files. So, I cranked up some tunes and got to work. First, I had to use […]

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Manually Editing HTML Pages

GAK is a word I made up. It is generally used to describe my process when I am deep into a server thing that requires multiple windows and applications, in this case updating the blog entries on my Connectivity Coach site manually. This blog was created manually using a guestbook script from Matt’s Archive that […]

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